The Petroleum Infrastructure Programme (PIP) was set up by the Petroleum Affairs Division (PAD) in 1997.  PIP currently comprises two sub-programmes: the active Petroleum Exploration and Production Promotion and Support (PEPPS) and the now completed PIP (1997 - 2002) sub-programmes.
The overall aim of PIP is to promote hydrocarbon exploration and development activities by:

Strengthening of local support structures
Funding of research data gathering and 'land-based' research in Irish offshore areas
Providing a forum for co-operation amongst explorationists and researchers
Research under the Programme goes beyond normal licence area-specific work and is designed so as not to duplicate the efforts of other groups or of commercial contractors.  It is also considered essential that local researchers should be given an opportunity to participate in the research projects.  PIP is funded by oil companies with licences offshore Ireland and the PAD.

Irish Shelf Petroleum Studies Group (ISPSG) Strategy 2020-2023
The “Policy Statement Petroleum Exploration and Production Activities as part of Ireland’s Transition to a Low Carbon Economy” published by the Department of Communications, Climate Action and Environment on 17th December 2019 recognises the critical role of natural gas during the energy transition and the clear benefits in using indigenous over imported sources .

The Policy Statement outlines the vision to sustainably develop Ireland’s natural gas resources and to encourage, enable and guide research initiatives directed at deepening knowledge of Ireland’s offshore potential. Focused evidence based scientific research is required to navigate Ireland through a socially just transition to the decarbonised energy system of the future. In response to this need, the Irish Petroleum Infrastructure Programme has produced a new strategic plan which can be downloaded here:
pdf ISPSG STRATEGY 2020 2023 FINAL.PDF (2,467 Kb, 03 Mar 2020)

Image: SEA PIC


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