The PIPCO Research Studies Group (RSG) supports technical work programmes including broad regional geological and geophysical projects. The work includes, where appropriate, new data acquisition (e.g., shallow drilling, seabed sampling, shallow/deep seismic, sidescan sonar, sub-bottom profiling), research cruise sponsorship and scholarship funding. Agreed projects have regard for the need to avoid duplication with projects carried out elsewhere. The principal activity of the company is the administration of contributory funds received from members and technical support to research contracts, including the orderly completion of any work still in progress, agreed by members, subject to available funding. To maximise the amount of work that PIPCO undertakes, every effort is made to forge links with other like-minded JIP groups active in the Atlantic region as well as local groups and Government agencies. The company also trades in research data, and this generates additional funds to support and extend the research program. Any requests for access to reports or associated data should contact Oonagh O'Loughlin at Oonagh.O'
Following publication of the Government’s Climate Action Plan in June 2019, members of the Irish Shelf Studies Group recognised that more focused evidence based scientific research was required to navigate Ireland through a socially just transition to the decarbonised energy system of the future. A new four-year strategy was developed and launched in January 2020. The overarching aim is to facilitate research activities in areas relevant to the goals of energy transition in Ireland. PIPCO provides a forum for collaboration and cooperation between Irish, European, and other international researchers and support innovation to create an Irish based energy transition service sector. It focuses on creating job opportunities in Ireland for Irish researchers and redundant Irish employees of oil and gas exploration companies using the data and skills generated by PIP over the last twenty years. To secure future funding for PIPCo to implement the new energy transition strategy, and in line with the current Programme for Government, the Secretariat sought and obtained instruction from the ISPSG management committee to enter negotiation with potential partners to develop relevant project proposals and seek co-funding from other funding agencies.