Porcupine Studies Group (PSG)
The Porcupine Studies Group was set up, under the umbrella of the Petroleum Infrastructure Programme in March 1999 in conjunction with the award of licences under the South Porcupine Frontier Licensing Round.

The aim of the Group was to address common industry problems in the Porcupine Basin by:
· regional data gathering - G&G / geotechnical / environmental / metocean
· research projects, both applied and academic
· scholarships associated with the research
· research cruise sponsorship
· provision of a forum to facilitate co-operation
· affording the opportunity for Irish involvement.

Funding: €806,281 (€268,760 per annum).

Members: Agip, Chevron, Elf, Enterprise, Marathon, PAD, Phillips, Statoil.

Management: Management Committee representing oil companies and the Petroleum Affairs Division PAD (chair).

Secretariat: A Secretariat was set up in Dublin to assist the PSG with a range of administrative matters including secretarial duties, contract preparation, project management and data storage.

PIP Secretariat
7 Dundrum Business Park
Windy Arbour
Dublin 14
Tel.: +353 1 296 4667
Fax: +353 1 296 4676
E-mail: noneill@pip.ie


The PSG completed its term in 2002.  In all a total of 32 projects received PSG funding.





"Porcupine-Goban Region - a Standard Structural Nomenclature System"
PAD Special Publication 1/02
(PSG Project Reference P00/1)