Expanded Offshore Support Group (EOSG)
The EOSG, set up by the Petroleum Affairs Division (PAD) in 2002, continues the work of the PIP Offshore Support Group (OSG), concentrating on infrastructure support, but has flexibility to conduct other work as deemed necessary, and provides additional services to facilitate applied petroleum-related research. Specific work themes include:
· support for training, scholarship, equipment purchase, goods & services etc. so that local organisations and individuals can participate in, contribute to and benefit from research and development related to hydrocarbon E&P;
· facilitation and (part) funding of joint industry programmes or projects;
· provision of a one-stop-shop contact for E&P related research activities in relation to funding sources, contacts and sample/data access issues;
· conduct of projects under any PEPPS objective heading in pursuance of PAD strategic goals.

Funding:  €17,472 per company per annum.  A company will only be required to make a single annual contribution to the EOSG irrespective of how many licences that company is involved in.

Contributors:  All companies participating in frontier exploration licences.

Management:  Management of the EOSG is undertaken by the Petroleum Affairs Division (PAD) of the Department of Communications, Energy and Natural Resources.

Jim Whelan
Petroleum Affairs Division
Dept of Communications, Energy and Natural Resources
29-31 Adelaide Road, Dublin 2
Tel.: +353 1 678 2691 Fax: +353 678 2519

To date approximately 200 projects have been supported by the OSG and EOSG.

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