Irish Shelf Petroleum Study Group (ISPSG)
The ISPSG Group, the successor to the joint industry Rockall Studies Group and Porcupine Studies Group, was set up by the Petroleum Affairs Division (PAD) in 2002 and concentrates on the regional exploration elements of the PIP / PEPPS objectives with an aim to address common industry problems anywhere in the Irish Offshore.  Specific work themes include:
· regional geological and geophysical data gathering and studies aimed at improving knowledge of petroleum systems and exploration potential;
· special engineering studies to improve E&P cost effectiveness and recommendations on better procedures and practices;
· environmental baseline studies and monitoring with a view to developing regional impact assessment frameworks;
· other project areas to be agreed with the PAD.

There are four technical committees covering the various work strands of the ISPSG as follows:
· Geology & Geophysics
· Environment
· Engineering
· Data Management & Support Services. 

Funding: €87,361 per annum from Licence Groups and the PAD.

Members: Chevron, ConocoPhillips, Dana, ENI, Shell, PAD, Ramco, Total and Statoil were the initial members of the first phase of the ISPSG programme from 2002-2003.

The currently active ISPSG membership (January 2020) comprises AzEire Petroleum, BP, Cairn Energy, CNOOC International, ENI, Europa Oil & Gas, Equinor, ExxonMobil, DCCAE/PAD, Providence Resources, Repsol, Sosina Exploration, Tullow Oil and Woodside Energy.
Management: Management of this group is by way of a joint Industry / PAD management committee, chaired by the DCCAE/PAD and assisted by the technical committees and a Secretariat.
Members' Representatives:
Clare Morgan (DCCAE/PAD)
Robert Murphy (AzEire Petroleum)
Caroline Whorlow (BP)
Martin Dashwood (Cairn Energy)
Dave Lewis (Chevron)
Greg Jones (CNOOC)
Chiara Monesi (ENI)
Simon Haynes (Equinor)
Murray Johnson (Europa Oil & Gas)
Thomas Twigg (ExxonMobil)
Keith Byrne (Providence Resources)
Hugo Matias (Repsol)
Clara Altobell (Serica Energy)
John Odegaard (Sosina Exploration)
Christian Tichatschke (Total)
Joe Mongan (Tullow)
Andrew McCarthy (Woodside Energy)

Secretariat: A Secretariat has been set up in Dublin to assist the ISPSG with a range of administrative matters including secretarial duties, contract preparation, project management and data storage.  Contact:
PIP Secretariat
7 Dundrum Business Park
Windy Arbour
Dublin 14
Tel.: +353 1 296 4667
Fax: +353 1 296 4676

List of ISPSG projects approved to December 2013